Sticky Chicken

Jul 18th

Licia Heath has a delicious signature dish but it’s not a family heirloom, inspired from a friend or of her own making – it’s from Jamie Oliver.

She found the recipe for Sticky Chicken with Squashed Potatoes and Tomatoes in a magazine some years ago and it has become the dish she loves making for her family. Licia does a brilliant job in the video sharing her expertise,  with a little taste-testing help from young son Jude.

However, because this is from a recipe originally published in Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie at Home’, Dishymama won’t be providing a written recipe below.

You’ll need a lidded cast-iron pan for this dish with a wide and shallow base. The pan will be going from the stove top into the oven. If you don’t have an enamelled cast-iron pan, please don’t think you’ve got to spend a fortune buying one. I paid $20 at Aldi for a good quality pan and Licia told me she bought hers at K-Mart just as cheaply and it has already lasted her years.

This recipe also calls for tomato blistering but don’t be put off by that either as Licia shows just how easy it is to master. I think that’s where video recipes become very useful – sometimes you just need to see how something is done.

Hope you enjoy the beautiful Bronte scenery, too. What a paradise!

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